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This Place is Best Shunned

   Illustration by Dave Palumbo David Erik Nelson, "This Place is Best Shunned", July 27, 2022. Read for free on Here's the church, here's the steeple . . .  You'll never think of that nursery rhyme along with its associated hand motions in quite the same way! This is a great bit of cosmic horror set in Appalachia. With a mind bending use of scale and the notion of the inside being out and the outside being in, David Erik Nelson's descriptive detail of the impossible and unreal gives your imagination a warping jolt. The story's exploration of the concept of the shunned place  brings attention to several cool things from the difficulties marking  places of danger to the possibility that  the shunned place may be MUCH bigger than we think. Originally published July, 2022 on, it is now available as an e-book.